WallpaperBox 2.2

Choose the perfect wallpaper, no matter how eclectic your tastes


  • App is updated daily with new wallpapers
  • Large variety of wallpapers from which to choose
  • Partial and full screen view options
  • User comment and FAQ area in the app


  • Not all categories contain relevant material


WallpaperBox is a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch that allows you to select a wallpaper as the background for your device.

Customization is always a good thing, and it's made even better with WallpaperBox. For a free app, there's actually quite a good variety of wallpaper options to choose from. With WallpaperBox, you can browse your options at random or choose from a list of categories. These range anywhere from "funny" to "girly" to "quotes" and "for guys." Your choices are nearly endless. Even better, WallpaperBox is updated on a daily basis.

When browsing through the available options, you can choose either to see four images at a time or just one on the entire screen. WallpaperBox does have ads embedded into its interface, but they're hardly noticeable, especially when you're in full-screen browsing mode.

Another useful feature WallpaperBox has is a built in frequently asked questions section, as well as a location for you to add your own questions and comments. You just have to be connected to the internet. The only real downside is that sometimes the categories are filled with wallpapers that aren't relevant (I found a wallpaper of a trio of lemurs in the "cats" category, for example). This happened infrequently, however.

WallpaperBox has options even the pickiest wallpaper browsers will be hard-pressed to complain about.



WallpaperBox 2.2

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